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Kristine McCreary

Hello! & Welcome to my AntiGravity Yoga Lab! I created AntiGravity Yoga Lab in the Lehigh Valley after finding my love for AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness in 2013. As a business owner of many various businesses over the years, I was looking to expand my entrepreneurial spirit into my passion and bliss–YOGA, and sharing all of its benefits with others. I came to find my mat yoga practice in 2007 while undergoing years of unsuccessful infertility treatments and was told my adrenals were “through the roof”! After years of practicing yoga, I have found not only a new inner peace and new ways of dealing with life’s stresses, but also have been blessed with a beautiful three year old daughter!  I also have daughter who is a Hair Stylist in NYC and a son in college, studying Digital Forensics. After becoming 200 Hour RYT Certified in 2013, I found the AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness training facility in New York City. One AntiGravity training was all it took for me to decide that I wanted to bring AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness to the Lehigh Valley! I have now trained to be a STAR ONE Instructor Trainer and look forward to hosting AntiGravity Trainings in the Lehigh Valley in 2016.  I am now also working toward my personal goal of becoming a STAR TWO Instructor Trainer over the next few years. I also recently completed my Indoor Standup Paddle Board Certification in order to add another innovative and unique approach to yoga to the studio. It is my passion to bring the same inner peace and happiness to everyone that practices in the two labs that I have built here in the Lehigh Valley. I invite you all to come and find the “mad scientist” in yourself in one of my labs and to start to experiment with new ways to open up your mind, open up your body and to be free!


Britt Tagg

Britt Tagg has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. Yoga has given Britt a quality of life that she is enthusiastic to share. Her classes emphasize the importance of practicing safe alignment, body awareness, and deep breathing, but she also tries to keep her classes light-hearted and creative. Britt is a life-long artist and painter and her style of teaching yoga is clearly informed by the fluid stroke of a brush on canvas. She believes that allowing people to enjoy their practice and to be comfortable with themselves is an essential way to foster a long-term yoga experience where the benefits are an evolution of physical and mental self- improvement.

Britt has been RYT-certified since 2005 and has amassed a wealth of knowledge studying under internationally-known yoga teachers, as well as many esteemed local instructors throughout her travels. She believes that education never ceases and that wisdom can come from unlikely sources and this compels her to continually engage in new workshops and classes. Though rooted in Ashtanga, Britt has found a niche in the limitless dance of Vinyasa where she truly feels anything is possible!


Carrie Sobeck

Hi everyone! I am a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. I discovered Vinyasa yoga while living in Australia and taking a class in Indonesia. It wasnʼt until I did my teacher training in New York from The Little Yoga House where I discovered Ashtanga yoga and instantly was attached to what is now my daily practice. Since Ashtanga is a progressive series of postures connecting the breath with the movement, I liked having to focus on postures that I wouldnʼt normally put into my Vinyasa flow. The result of this practice is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. Hope to see you on the mat!


Christine Hess

I am a Lehigh Valley native who loves to travel and experience new things! The “experiencing new things” part is what led me to get involved in Anti-Gravity Fitness! I like to fill my free time with yoga, pilates, running, Zumba, SUP, skiing, golfing, and of course hanging upside-down! There’s really not much I won’t try! With my love of working out, comes my love of trying to turn any recipe into something low cal, but still healthy! I became a Level One AntiGravity Instructor in AG FUNdamentals in 2014.  I cannot wait to watch my students “experience new things” in my AntiGravity classes!

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Christopher Schoch

I was introduced to yoga through P90X, and fell in love with it. It was one of the hardest things I have tried to do but felt I so relaxed when done. I starting going to classes to learn more about yoga and learn more poses. I have learned so much from going to classes and workshops that I wanted improve myself and help others feel goodabout themselves as well; so I began yogateacher training. I did my 200hr teacher training at Emmaus yoga. Now I love sharing my knowledgeof yoga and helping people.

I teach Both Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga; both have so many benefits to give everyoneregardless of their skill. In my vinyasa classes I like to either work on a body part or towards a peak pose, depending on what the class needs. I teach anywhere from beginners to advanced. My intention is to make every student feel comfortable and help them achieve their goals. With Yoga anything is possible.


Gina Galli

I was introduced to yoga in college and it wasn’t until 2003, It was suggested that I add yoga as part of my training for cycling long distances. I had practiced yoga off and on since then and was discovering the other benefits of yoga through stress reduction and just life balance. My yoga practice has benefited other activities I enjoy like  hiking and rock climbing. My personal goals are to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle through physical, mental and nutritional focuses. Through my practice, I discovered many other attributes of yoga and was craving to learn and grow.  I completed my 200+ hour Yoga Teacher certification through the Yoga Life Institute in Devon, PA, 2012.  Through this training, I went through several specialized workshops  and intensives that included Yin Yoga,Nutrition, Aryvedic Practices, Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga Therapy.

Shortly after receiving my certification in 2012, I moved back to Syracuse after my Mom passed away, to be close to family. I had the great opportunity to teach at many studios and be part of a wonderful yoga community in Syracuse.  I was able to craft and develop my teaching focus to build on asana structures, alignment and safe practices for all yoga practitioners at all levels. I  was able to earn my E-RYT 200 in that time.   I also, worked for Dr. Susan Brown, Ph. D, Certified Nutritionist, who specializes in bone health at the Center for Better Bones. I assisted in educating clients on the importance of physical activity through Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi and mindful relaxation techniques.

I recently moved to the Lehigh Valley and I look forward to bring my passion for teaching and yoga lifestyle to the community here.

Photo of Heather Walke

Heather Walke

Heather was introduced to yoga through an Ashtanga workshop in 2005. Although she didn’t enjoy it, it seemed like a great way to stretch and balance her running, having just completed her first half-marathon. To her surprise yoga provided her much more as she developed both physical strength and psychological relief.

Heather has practiced a variety of styles of yoga but takes a more eclectic stance in her practice. She became a 200-hr RYT through Lehigh Valley Yoga in 2009. In 2012 Heather completed a 35 hour Yoga for Athletes course with Sage Rountree, becoming the first instructor in PA to be formally training in teaching yoga to athletes. She continues to run and regularly competes in triathlons. Her desire is to share the therapeutic benefits and challenge of yoga with others, especially athletes, so that they might find a personal release in their life.


Jen Weber

I began my yoga journey about 10 years ago at Temple University in Philadelphia. I needed a physical education credit and my choices were pretty slim. It was between swimming and yoga. I wanted to try something different so I decided upon yoga. After that class, I was hooked! I took power vinyasa classes all around Philadelphia before eventually moving back to the Lehigh Valley.

While back home, I met a yoga teacher who encouraged me to deepen my practice and go after my dream of becoming a teacher. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2014 that I decided to finally pursue teacher training, and I’m so grateful that I did! I loved seeing improvement in my body, but I also noticed a shift in the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my life. This practice has taught me that if you want to change your body, you can, if you want to transform your mind, you can, if you want to deepen your practice, you can. You just have to start! Start by unrolling your mat with me, and begin to reap the benefits of yoga! I am currently certified through Power Yoga Works, a Baptiste influenced studio in Malvern, Pa. When I’m not practicing yoga, I love to go to concerts, sporting events, and spend time with my family and my dog.


Jennifer Mann

Hey tribe! I’m a health and wellness enthusiast with a passion for living a healthy and balanced life. I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and was introduced to yoga during college as a way to increase agility and speed. For years, I leisurely practiced yoga but it wasn’t until a few life challenges came my way that I started to recognize all the additional mental health and healing benefits that yoga holds. Rather than going to yoga out of desperation, I now use it as my inspiration in all that I do both on and off the mat. I completed my 200YTT in Thailand with a focus on Ashtanga and my 300YTT in Bali with a focus on Yin Yoga. Each of my classes are customized to be light hearted, fun and empowering. As I continue to learn and grow, I love being able to share my experiences and knowledge with the goal of helping others along their yoga practice. When I’m not teaching fitness classes, I love spending time outdoors in nature, cooking new and healthy Ayurvedic recipes, traveling to different parts of the world for study, and relaxing with my little Yorkie, Macy Jane.


Jenna Paradiso

Two years ago, I experienced my first AntiGravity Fitness class at the AG Yoga LAB eager to try a new fitness and yoga routine. From my first inversion, I felt empowered by the benefits of AntiGravity and have been practicing ever since. AntiGravity Yoga has transformed my life by opening my body and my mind; rejuvenating my endocrine and lymph systems, realigning my spine, and increasing my self-awareness and confidence.

Today, I am a certified level one AG Fundamentals Instructor. When I am not flying in the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock, you can find me hiking, painting, gardening, and looking for the next adventure. I believe in the power of mindfulness and that positive energy is contagious. Join us for class, I promise you will leave happier, healthier and taller!


Jennifer Rhoades

Hello, fellow yogis! I am a certified AntiGravity FUNdamentals 1 & 2 Instructor. I began my yoga journey about 11 years ago and instantly fell in love. The mental and physical aspects combined have really gotten me through some trying times and I will be forever grateful for my practice and those who have guided me along the way. I am currently working on my 200 hour mat yoga certification and hope to be teaching soon. I also am a music enthusiast, aspiring writer, and lover of hot sauce and adventures. I’m greatly looking forward to sharing my practice with all of you! Let’s FLY HIGH!


Jesika Watson

Jesika started practicing yoga in 2010 and was immediately addicted. In just a year she decided to go for her yoga certification. Jesika went for her teacher training at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia where she studied a Baptiste power-vinyasa style yoga.  She recently completed her Indoor Standup Paddle Board Certification and is now teaching ISUP classes in our studio in addition to her other classes. Yoga has impacted Jesika in a very positive way and she looks forward to sharing this positive energy with everyone!


Jo-Ann Temple

Jo-Ann Temple, CYT/RYT
I have been enjoying my own personal practice of Hatha and Kundalini yoga since 1996. In 2010 I decided to take my practice to a deeper level and study for my 200 hour teaching certification at Yoga On Main in Philadelphia. Studying under Shiva Das, I quickly came to realize that teaching is my passion. After a couple years of teaching, I set my intentions on uniting the Lehigh Valley in a celebration of yoga and wellness, while also raising money for a charitable organization and became the founder and co-creator of The Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival. The festival is still being held annually in the Lehigh Valley and has raised a great deal of money for the Pratyush Sinha Foundation. Supporting our local children and communities who would benefit from yoga and mindfulness the most.
Today I teach a Hatha yoga developed by David Newman called “Inner Fire Yoga”. It is a gentle, although occasionally challenging, class that moves systematically through our charkas. This creates a balancing effect on our energy as well a blissful feeling physically.
I can’t wait to share my practice with you!


Kait Harrison

Being involved in various forms of athletics growing up, I always assumed that body aches and pains were normal when it came to physical activity. However, when I found yoga in the fall of 2011, I realized how great my body felt. The usual discomfort I experienced was diminishing. I felt stronger, and more comfortable in my own skin.

Seeing how in tune my body and mind were becoming, I decided to take my journey one step further by pursing teacher training. I recently became certified through Power Yoga Works in Malvern, Pa. and am thrilled to help others on this inspiring path of self discovery.Join me for a Power Vinyasa Flow that challenges your body and centers your spirit. Hope to see you all on the mat.


Kevin Roth

In our hearts, our souls and in our minds you will always be…THANK YOU Kevin for all you gave to everyone!


Kris Nelson

Hello friends!  I started my yoga journey 20 years ago while working at a gym in
Bucks County that had a Yoga studio.  I decided to try a class and was immediately hooked. I was blessed to have taken my first (Hatha) Yoga Teacher Training in 2001 at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia with David Newman (Durga Das).  That same year I attended the Yoga Journal conference where I attended workshops on teaching Prenatal Yoga and also fell in love with Yoga Movement in the form of Yoga Trance Dance® with Shiva Rea.  

In my earlier years of teaching, I primarily taught all levels classes and Pre-natal but could not shake my love for Yoga movement and decided to get certified in YogaRhythmics® (a form of Kripalu Danskinetics®) in 2003 and Yoga Trance Dance® with Shiva Rea in 2006.   I love to laugh and play and as a Mom of three, I also decided to study children’s yoga and become certified in YogaKids® in 2007. In addition to Yoga, I also teach Zumba® and HIIT classes.   At the end of 2016 I started a new and exciting opportunity. I met Kristine and am now a certified Fundamentals Level 1-2, AntiGravity® Instructor.

Outside of the studio, I have a full-time career in Real Estate and spend my spare time with my family which consists of my 3 teenagers, my sweetheart, and our four-legged rescue, Luna.  I love music, dancing, the outdoors, and working with multiple local charities.  I believe that the most powerful relationship that you can have is the one with yourself.  In working with ourselves first, we can guide, enjoy, and grow in our own journey.

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Melanie Smith

“Melanie a Yoga Alliance certified teacher not only in “yoga on land” but yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board as well. Her fun loving and challenging classes are a spiritual journey with one part breath work, one part alignment, another part humor; mixed with an eclectic soundtrack, and sprinkled with a handful of LOVE. The practice of yoga has inspired Melanie to continually step out of her comfort zone, challenging the ideas of what life and work should look like. Her purpose in practice is not perfecting every yoga pose but creating a lifetime journey in which yoga enhances everyday life, making dreams a reality.”


Nolie Schneider

I started yoga in 2013 and fell in love right away. I started practicing a couple times a week but soon made it a priority to do yoga every day. Yoga became more than just a physical workout; it was the best thing I could do for my mind and body.
I decided to become a Yoga Teacher at the end of 2014 and went to Teacher Training at Power Yoga Works in Malvern, PA. I teach a power/vinyasa style class. Yoga has made a huge impact on my life and I am excited to share my passion with everyone at the Yoga LAB!


Samantha Romito

Hello, my name is Samantha Romito and I fell in love with AntiGravity yoga after taking multiple classes at the AntiGravity Yoga LAB.  The Yoga LAB quickly became my new home away from home. I am now certified in AntiGravity FUNdamentals 1 & 2 and am excited in furthering my training in the near future! I can’t wait to see you all in my class!

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Svetlana Daniels

>    My yoga journey started over 15 years ago at a humble small donation based place. I remember chuckling at the names of the poses. Many years, degrees, cities, jobs and children later-I am a 200 hour certified instructor, spreading the fun and endless benefits of yoga.
>    I was originally drawn to yoga solely for its physical benefits but I noticed long ago that regular practice impacts my mood and mental health. I am excited to incorporate different yoga styles in my teaching as well as yoga philosophy. My classes are usually fast paced with a good amount of strength building exercises.
>   I believe that most of yoga is practiced off the mat, practicing the kindness and compassion created during the practice  transferring to those around you.