Aug 18th , 1:00-3:00 pm Cloud 9 workshop (Aerial massage and restorative Yoga)

Yoga Lab
Yoga Lab


Jeong Klees


Hello everyone, welcome to Antigravity Yoga and Spin Lab.
My name is Jeong Kim Klees, better known as CK. I am the owner of studio as well as Spin and SpiYo instructor.
I was born and raised in South Korea. I moved to this great country in 2008 with my husband Bernard and my now 11 year old daughter Gloria.
I love to try and learn new things. I love to cook, ride bike with my husband, travel and hike with my family.
I have been a fitness group instructor with now over five years experience. I love to help people get healthier and happier through spin and yoga music resulting in more power and happy energy!
Please come and join me and let's have some fun together through this great exercise

Christopher Schoch


I was introduced to yoga through P90X, and fell in love with it. It was one of the hardest things I have tried to do but felt I so relaxed when done. I starting going to classes to learn more about yoga and learn more poses. I have learned so much from going to classes and workshops that I wanted improve myself and help others feel goodabout themselves as well; so I began yogateacher training. I did my 200hr teacher training at Emmaus yoga. Now I love sharing my knowledgeof yoga and helping people.

I teach Both Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga; both have so many benefits to give everyoneregardless of their skill. In my vinyasa classes I like to either work on a body part or towards a peak pose, depending on what the class needs. I teach anywhere from beginners to advanced. My intention is to make every student feel comfortable and help them achieve their goals. With Yoga anything is possible.

Christine Hess


Christine Hess

I am a Lehigh Valley native who loves to travel and experience new things! The “experiencing new things” part is what led me to get involved in Anti-Gravity Fitness! I like to fill my free time with yoga, pilates, running, Zumba, SUP, skiing, golfing, and of course hanging upside-down! There’s really not much I won’t try! With my love of working out, comes my love of trying to turn any recipe into something low cal, but still healthy! I became a Level One AntiGravity Instructor in AG FUNdamentals in 2014.  I cannot wait to watch my students “experience new things” in my AntiGravity classes!

Niccole Talish


Niccole, a fitness enthusiast, fell in love with Aerial Yoga after experiencing her first Antigravity class. She loves how using the yoga hammock supports one's body in the different poses. The hammock allows your body to work against gravity helping you to get deeper into stretches. Aerial yoga provides many unique health can help lengthen your ligaments, relax your muscles and decompress your spine among many others.

Niccole received her 250-hour aerial yoga training from the Aerial Yoga Academy. The program is approved by Yoga Alliance. Niccole is also a Certified Massage Therapist (New Jersey School of Massage Therapy, now Cortiva), a Holy Fire Reiki Master Instructor (International Center for Reiki Training) and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor (The Center of Being, Inc.). Niccole loves studying herbal medicine at The American College of Healthcare Sciences. Additionally, she is also a full-time mom to 2 beautiful and very active children. In her free time she enjoys making herbal elixirs, tonics, teas, and extracts. 

Gina Galli


I was introduced to yoga in college and it wasn’t until 2003, It was suggested that I add yoga as part of my training for cycling long distances. I had practiced yoga off and on since then and was discovering the other benefits of yoga through stress reduction and just life balance. My yoga practice has benefited other activities I enjoy like  hiking and rock climbing. My personal goals are to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle through physical, mental and nutritional focuses. Through my practice, I discovered many other attributes of yoga and was craving to learn and grow.  I completed my 200+ hour Yoga Teacher certification through the Yoga Life Institute in Devon, PA, 2012.  Through this training, I went through several specialized workshops  and intensives that included Yin Yoga,Nutrition, Aryvedic Practices, Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga Therapy.

Julie Reichl


Hi, my name is Julie Reichl.
 I have always had a love of fitness . Exercising and healthy eating has been an important part of my life. They have brought me many blessings and friendships along the way.. I have a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion. I worked at a hospital fitness center for ten years doing personal training, group fitness classes, and running classes. I took eight years off to raise my babies and now I’ve decided to get certified in Aerial Yoga so I can start helping people achieve their fitness goals. I found Antigravity Yoga 6 months ago and fell in love with the beautiful stretch and workout it gave me. Plus, it was so fun! It took me back to my childhood of swinging upside down without a care in the world. My hope is to make people leave the class feeling wonderful, stretched out and ready to tackle their week ahead.

I enjoy spending time with my husband(Joe) and two boys (Shane and Tanner). We  love the outdoors! We  grow an enormous garden every summer. It seems to get bigger every year. We also love kayaking, fishing, having campfires,and  raising monarch butterflies. We love animals and have a full house full of pets. Chickens, cats, dog, fish and a yard full of toads,  which my boys catch daily to visit with. It’s important to me to teach my boys about nature and the little miracles that occur all around us on a daily basis.

Come fly with me and let’s get stronger and better together!

Kristin Peck


Kristin started practicing yoga in her early 20’s and attended her first Hatha Based Yoga Teacher Training in 2001 at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia with David Newman. Spending time with David and his tribe introduced her to the love yoga married with music.  That same year she also attended the Yoga Journal conference where she was introduced to Yoga Movement (Dance) classes.  In the following years, she received her certifications in YogaRhythmics®  (a form of Kripalu Danskinetics®) and Yoga Trance Dance® with Shiva Rea.  Her primary role as a mother and playful side also led her to become a YogaKids®  Associate.  Following her love of fun and play in fitness, she has received certifications in various forms of Zumba® as well as Pound®, and in 2016, she received her AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1&2 Certification at The AntiGravity Yoga Lab.  In 2018, she worked with Miss Melanie Yoga to explore and learn how teach on the fun, yet challenging Indoor Yoga Balance Board classes (ISUP).


Jenna Paradiso

Two years ago, I experienced my first AntiGravity Fitness class at the AG Yoga LAB eager to try a new fitness and yoga routine. From my first inversion, I felt empowered by the benefits of AntiGravity and have been practicing ever since. AntiGravity Yoga has transformed my life by opening my body and my mind; rejuvenating my endocrine and lymph systems, realigning my spine, and increasing my self-awareness and confidence.

Today, I am a certified level one AG Fundamentals Instructor. When I am not flying in the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock, you can find me hiking, painting, gardening, and looking for the next adventure. I believe in the power of mindfulness and that positive energy is contagious. Join us for class, I promise you will leave happier, healthier and taller!

Malissa Grimsley


Malissa values the importance of incorporating mind, body, and soul with each and every practice. Living in the present moment and embracing the unknown are her mantras. Awakening the senses is her game. Through channeling multiple breathing, meditation, and energy cleansing techniques; it pairs for the perfect reiki infused flow. She can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Riley Missel


 Riley Missel is an experienced bike racer and spin class instructor. She began teaching spin at Joule Studios in Colorado in 2017, and moved to the Lehigh Valley later that year for a job with Bicycling magazine. She is stoked to lead spin classes that make people feel stronger and more confident to pursue their favorite adventures, indoors and outside. Her classes are a high-energy dance party on the bike designed to motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals.

Larissa Noto


Larissa has been practicing yoga for 20 years.  She took her first class in 1998, while fulfilling a gym requirement in college.  Then she became hooked - not just by the physical  practice, but by the way yoga helped her body, mind and soul feel on and off the mat.  To further deepen her practice, she completed ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms Teacher Training in 2015, 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Easton Yoga in 2017, and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. at Yoga Vida in NYC with Abbie Paloma, and Ally Bogard . She is currently pursuing her 300 hour teacher training at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, PA and continues to seek out further opportunities to learn both on and off the mat.  In teaching both children and adults, Larissa firmly believes that yoga can be practiced by all.  She teaches a mindful vinyasa flow that is challenging and invigorating, but also creates a space for stillness.  Whether you are new to yoga or are a seasoned yogi, she strives to cultivate an accessible and inclusive practice to honor all students who venture into her class.  Larissa currently teaches at Anti-Graviy Lab, Allentown, Easton Yoga, The Yoga Loft, Bethlehem and Pratyush Sinha Foundation.  You can connect with Larissa online anytime through Facebook and Instagram @thelovelylittlelotus.  When she isn't sharing her love of yoga with others, she is also a mom of three boys as well as a lawyer, professor and parent support guide for families whose children have special needs.  

Emory Eckenrode

Emory Eckenrode

I was introduced to yoga by my parents at a very young age. Throughout my whole life I’ve practiced yoga on and off for the physical benefits however, it was not until more recent years that I have discovered the mental benefits. I go to the gym and lift weights for my body. I practice yoga and meditation for my mind. Besides expressing myself through yoga, I like to paint and make pottery. I love traveling, music, being outside, and experiencing new things. I went to Uvita, Costa Rica in February of 2019 to complete my 200hr YTT. My long term goal is to help others find yoga as a coping mechanism and a way to calm the mind. I want everyone to feel comfortable, confident, and safe within my yoga class. I can’t wait to practice with you all!